Dear 508….

Dear 508,

As I sit here within the comfort of your walls I am hit with the realization that this is my last week to enjoy you.  To enjoy your color, your smell, your textures, your sounds, the way the light falls through the windows at certain times of the day,  the views from your windows…. its my last few days to just enjoy you and all you have given to us.

Obviously I am a super sentimental person to be writing a letter to my house, but you were more than just a house; you were our home for the past almost six years.
You were more than we could afford, more space than we ever or would ever need, the center of hundred of arguments, and a drain on us in more ways than I can ever begin to explain.  But… you were the place where we came home to at the end of every day.  You were our ending destination as we traveled home from our honeymoon and started the rest of our lives together.  You provided us a beautiful back yard as we introduced and welcomed a new little puppy, LeRoy, into our family.  Your ceilings provided more than enough room to hold our massive Christmas Tree that I insisted on during our first Christmas together.  Im sure you laughed at us as we attempted to do “yard work” to decorate you for spring.  You were there to watch 70 of our closest friends show up every year in costumes to celebrate Halloween, and probably gasped as we did a lawnmower obstacle course race in the back driveway.  You were there the day I made a beer can cake to congratulate Randy on the signing of his record deal, and you were there as we held each other four and a half years later when he lost it.  You’ve hosted bachelorette parties and baby showers.  You have been there to help me as I try to cook a dinner when I had absolutly no idea what I was doing.  You saw tears of pain as we tried to grow our family and it wasn’t happening, and you were there the day I ran in the door from the doctor to announce that a precious little miracle was growing in my belly.  You provided us with the perfect nursery as we welcomed our sweet angel, Sullivan Mae, into our family and have given us the perfect setting as we have set back and watched her grow into the precious, spunky little girl she is today over the past two years.   You have been a constant… a safe place, as I learned to become a wife, a housekeeper, a friend, a mother, and have turned into the person I am today.  There is a table sitting on your floors where we sit around each night and hold hands as we praise God for all his many blessings.  I know we have never thanked Him enough for you like we should have.  You have seen countless ups and downs in our life, but no matter what, you have always been there and I am so very thankful, and so grateful for you.

And now as I write this, its just you and I like so many days of the last several years have been, and I am in tears thinking about leaving you.

Through out trying to pack up all the closets and drawers and cabinets, I get short of breathe sometimes because I can’t look at one single part of you without recalling an amazing moment in my life.  You are littered with the markings of our life here.  From all the holes in the wall as I tried to decorate with our memories, to holes in the walls from tempers.  Knicks and scratches from the day we moved in to dents where you were there to catch a toddler learning to walk.  To another family, you may look dirty, used and maybe even neglected, but to our family, those markings, all the holes and scratches and dents are there because you were a part of every single moment and memory that we have shared here.
When we moved in June of 2008, the family that lived here before told us how special you were.  They told us you were the perfect place to create memories that will last a lifetime, and they were exactly right.  Even though you haven’t always been on the same page with us, because you are unbelievably expensive and you require A LOT of work that we haven’t been able to keep up with, you have exceeded ALL of our expectations in another area… memories.

So, here is to you, my 508, and our last week together.  As excited as I am to begin a new chapter in my families life as we move down the road, you, my dear home, my dear 508,  you will ALWAYS hold such an enormous place in my heart and soul.  Though our time together was short and just a blink of an eye in the scheme of life, you have given me memories to last a lifetime.  You have been my house of 1,000 dreams and if I could give you a hug… it would be the biggest one ever.

Much love to you forever,
Montgomery Lee



The moments before she wakes up

I think for most parents there mornings start with their children waking them up and then they probably spend the next little bit trying to get a grasp on breakfast and getting dressed and starting their day.  Let me be the first to say, I am extremely blessed with my little girl because she loooovvvveeeesss sleep.  For example, it is 9:30am as I am writing this, and she is still sound asleep.

You see, my mornings are quite.  I usually wake up about an hour to an hour and a half before she does.  Enjoy my coffee, sometimes I try to do a devotion, and other times I find myself getting lost on the internet in Facebook, or shopping (which I really need to stop) and listening to music.  This is my time.  Randy is either still asleep, hunting, or working out.  Im the only one up and moving.  Well, me and the dogs.  🙂
I know the older Sullivan gets, the more I will appreciate this time, but I need to be honest; it is the loneliest time in my house.  I find myself starring at the baby monitor watching her sleep and wondering what mood she will be in when she wakes up.  I’m not joking when I say I feel like a kid on christmas eve sometimes while waiting for her to wake up.  There are mornings when I debate on going to wake her up because I am just sooooo excited to play.

This was just my random thought this morning as I sit here and look at her little sleeping body.  I have people tell me a lot that Sullivan is so lucky to have  me as a mom, but I honestly feel that I am so lucky to have her as my little girl.

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A “wow” moment

Randy and I have been attending a new church for the past five or so months (and for the first time in all of my years of church experience, I feel confident when I say we have found our church home.)  The past few weeks our pastor has asked us a few questions during service; […]

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The Type of Friend I’ve Become…

Hey!!! Long time huh?  First blog in like, a century it feels like.  Sorry bout that.  I’ve had a lot going on… or at least I think I have.    Kind of what this blog is about.  Enjoy… Over the past few weeks, maybe even months, I have thought about the type of friend I […]

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The eve of “one”

Here I sit, alone, computer in my lap, baby monitor to my right, and my apple TV on listening to music and watching pictures of my life pop up every three seconds on the TV screen.  When I say my life, I don’t mean pictures of me.  I mean pictures of Sullivan Mae.  Pictures that […]

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You know that saying “Enjoy every moment.  Time goes by so quickly.”  Most of the time it is used in reference to your children.  Goodness, if I had a penny for every time someone has said that to me since Sullivan was born I would have hundreds of pennies!  I am not sure if it […]

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Gift of Time

I can’t believe Christmas has come and gone already.  I feel like I say this every year, but it seems to fly by. Our first Christmas as a family was wonderful.  We traveled to North Carolina to visit my family, and returned to Tennessee just in time for Santa to make his debut at our […]

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Life is good

Monday, the 17th, is my birthday.  The big 27.  WOAH… I am on the closer end to 30 and that sounds crazy.  Every year their seems to be something new to say about birthdays, and it feels like the saying used to be fun, but now they all revolve around getting old.  When I turned […]

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Two Blogs in One!!

I keep going back and forth between two things to write about this week.  SOOOOO… I decided I would write both this week.  Start with feel good, end with serious!!! SOOOO, here goes! GOOD: I swear the person that created instagram was thinking “This is TOTALLY for Montgomery Lee!!!” I mean literally, they knew how […]

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Long time no see!

It’s been a long time since I sat down to write.  I think I put way to much pressure on myself to write something that people would actually want to read.  After randomly reading blogs over the past month I decided I just need to sit down and write.  Some of the blogs I read […]

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